EverythingKaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project

EverythingKaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project!!!

Hey Everyone! Another way I like to make the most of my money is by using a project for multiple uses. My recent 3-in-1 wedding project purchase were tablecloths, and I didn’t even use it for a table! As you know by now, I recently got married and like to stretch my dollar as much as possible. I wanted an archway for my ceremony and a photo booth backdrop for the reception area, but after pricing the materials I thought it might be too expensive. I looked at Pinterest for some ideas, and found that using PVC pipe to build the frame for the archway would be the best and most cost effective way. Then I priced curtains, material and tablecloths to figure out what I wanted to use. Curtains and material were way too expensive for the amount of material I needed. The tablecloths I purchased were only $12 each! I only needed 2, so the 3-1 project only cost me $24! Score! My mom sewed the top of the tablecloth to allow it to hang on the PVC pipe! I now had my archway curtains.


Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

After the ceremony, we took the same set up to the reception and used it as my photo booth backdrop!

Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project







My 3rd use for the tablecloths are for curtains in my living room! If everyone is like me, your favorite color to decorate with is the same color you picked for your wedding, so it all worked out! The tablecloths I selected are very thick material and block the sun just like back out curtains.

Living room curtains

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project  – living room curtains


EverythingKaysi's 3-in-1 project

Silk VS Real Flowers


Real VS Silk Flowers

Welcome to EverythingKaysi! When planning my wedding I always wanted to find the cheapest way to get something done, so I started comparing prices and companies. I like to make a list of the pros and cons for certain vendors and products. I want to share with you my experience with comparing silk vs. real flowers.

Silk VS Fake FlowersFor my wedding I used silk flowers instead of real flowers for many reasons. My bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, groomsmen boutonniere, my mom’s and grandmother corsages,  my dad’s and grandpa’s boutonniere were all silk.

Real Vs Silk Flowers

I was surprised how real they looked and my grandmother even put hers in the refrigerator because she wanted it to last forever.. well it will Nana, they are fake. 🙂 Wedding planning is a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun when you get good deals on your wedding décor and supplies. So, like always, I tried to get the best deal when finding a florist.

Silk VS Fake FlowersI made appointments with 3 different florists and was very shocked by the quotes I received, especially for flowers that would be dead by the time I got home from my honeymoon. I researched ways to do my own flowers, and was overwhelmed by the amount of work it would take to get the flowers done the day before my wedding. Silk flowers seemed like my best option and I am so happy with my decision to go that route.

Silk VS Fake Flowers

I shopped on Etsy.com and got to design the flowers I wanted and I got different quotes from various shops. My grand total for my flowers, with shipping was $348!! The quotes I received from the florists were in the $700-800 range.

Silk VS Fake Flowers

Another reason I am glad I went with Etsy.com and silk flowers, is because I received my flowers 2 months before my wedding day! That was one less delivery and vendor I had to worry about on the day of the wedding. I also had the opportunity to match the flowers to my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. When I took my bridal photos with my photographer, she was really excited I brought my bouquet because most brides do not have that opportunity when they are using real flowers!

Silk Vs Real Flowers

Silk Vs Real Flowers

When I asked my Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to be in my wedding, I had the flowers so I was able to present them. It was a special moment for me.

Silk VS Fake Flowers

My last and favorite reason I went with silk flowers is because I get to keep them forever! I am using them as decoration in my house. Head over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChurchMouseCreations to get flowers just like mine from Church Mouse Creations:)Silk VS Fake Flowers

Kaysi’s Official Budget Breakdown


Hey Everyone,

When I set my budget amount I wanted to make sure I was spending the right amount of money on certain things and not going overboard on things I didn’t need. I looked on Pinterest to see what percentage of the budget other people were spending on certain things, and compared it to what I was spending. I wanted to see if I was on track with everyone else. I soon realized that I was under the percentages of most people, especially on catering, bridal attire and stationery. Throughout my wedding planning experience I tried to save money and get the best deals on everything I could, so my numbers didn’t match up to anyone. So, I wanted to write a blog about my experience with the percentage of my budget that went with each category. I made a pie chart to give you a visual breakdown, but let me list out what all I got in each category:

Wedding Budget Breakdown

Venue- The venue was my largest percentage, but I rented the chapel and event center for my ceremony and reception area. I also had access to the facility for rehearsal.

Photographer/Videographer– This was my 2nd biggest expense, and totally worth it!! For 16.1% of my budget I had 2 photographers and 2 videographers for the whole day of my wedding. The photographer included engagement photo session and bridal photo session.

Caterer– Next was the catering service. I received a buffet style service that included a full meal for 100 guests. I had a BBQ menu with 3 meats, 4 sides, a salad, a roll and 4 drink choices.

Groom, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and Ringbearer Attire– I actually thought this would be a higher portion of my budget considering all I received. I was excited it was only 6.2%, however I did save money by having a small wedding party. The 6.2% made up of 4 tuxedo rentals, 3 bridesmaid dresses and jewelry, flower girl dress and jewelry, and a ring bearer pants, shirt, shoes, bowtie and suspenders.

Decorations-It didn’t seem like I spend 5.9% of my budget on decorations, but it added up quick. The decorations portion included, but not limited to, archway, DIY photo booth, flowers, vases, candles, 7 signs, frames, chalk boards, light-up LOVE sign, lanterns, rose pedals etc…

Day Coordinator– If you are on a tight budget this is one way to eliminate extra cost. You can hire a friend or family member to do this cheaper. I am glad I had a coordinator though. My day coordinator helped me create a wedding timeline, organized rehearsal, called all of my vendors the day before to make sure they were coming, help set-up, kept the wedding on schedule and helped cleanup.

Alcohol– This portion of my budget was high because my facility required a police officer and a licensed bartender, which cost a lot more than I thought! For 4.95% of my budget I got beer, wine, frozen strawberry daiquiris, custom koozies, bartender and a police officer.

Bride’s Attire- This included my dress, alterations, shoes, and jewelry. This was my favorite purchase!

Rehearsal Dinner– We invited the grandparents, wedding party and their families. We had a total of 34 people and we rented a room at a local BBQ restaurant.

Bakery– My husband’s favorite purchase was the cakes! The 3% of the budget included a cake tasting, a 2-tier cake, a 1-tier cake, 8 dozen cupcakes, one dozen chocolate covered strawberries and the delivery/set-up fee.

Tables and Centerpieces- My 12 tables were gorgeous! For 2.8% of budget I bought my own tablecloths, made my own centerpieces for 6 tables and had flowers on the other 6. In this I included silverware, plates, cups, napkins, centerpiece supplies, kids table activities, picture frames, wood slices, coasters and tablecloths.

DJ- The DJ I selected was 2.2% of my budget. He played the music for my ceremony and for the reception. He also brought lights.

Officiant- The 2.2% included a meeting with the officiant before the wedding, attendance to rehearsal, and to officiant the wedding.

Wedding Party Flowers- I saved a lot of money on flowers by using silk instead of real flowers. The 1.9% included the bride’s bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, one toss bouquet, 3 groomsmen boutonnieres, 5 corsages for the Moms and Grandmas, and 2 boutonnieres for the Dads.

Stationery and Canvas– I saved money by making my own invitations on vistaprint.com, designing and printing my own RSVP cards and advice cards. I ordered my canvas and photos off of snapfish.com using a coupon so the order was half the price.

Bride’s Hair and Makeup– Every bride has to get hair and makeup done. The 0.64% included an up-do, full makeup and traveling fee at the venue.

This is the breakdown to my budget; I hope it can help you in some way! Thank you for visiting my blog! Head over to “Ways to Cut Costs On your Wedding” for tips on how I saved money! http://everythingkaysi.com/?p=226



Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds For Your Wedding

Hey Everyone,

Every bride probably has a favorite store for buying wedding decorations like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Oriental Trading, Michael’s, etc… I like all of those stores as well, but my favorite place to buy wedding décor is from garage sales, estate sales and consignment shops! You can find nice products for a fraction of the price. About half of my wedding decorations came from a garage sale, which allowed me to spend more money on other areas of the budget. You can find garage sales and estate sales in your local newspaper under the classified section or on local garage sale websites. A few of my favorite online sites are garagesalefinder.com, gsalr.com, garagesalestracker.com. Here are my top 10 favorite garage sale finds for wedding decor:

Vases- Most of the sales I attended would sale vases $0.25 to $3.00 for each vase. I didn’t care if the vases matched for my wedding because they were featured on different tables. Tip: One thing I learned from my day coordinator was to buy small vases! The larger vases will require a lot more flowers to make them look full, which will increase the amount of flowers needed and increase your flower budget.

Vases-Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsVases-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsVases/mason jar-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds

Candles- Try to find a basic color candle that hasn’t been lit yet! I chose to use off-white candles for my chapel décor and red candles for the reception. I was on the lookout for candles at garage sales because they were a lot cheaper than in stores. I noticed that people will buy a large pack of candles and only use one or 2 and try to sell the package.. those are the best deals to find because they will match!

Picture Frames- I bought all of the picture frames from garage sales! I used a solid black 4×6 picture on every table in the reception area and various 8×10 frames to display my bridal photos and engagement photos. Having pictures as decoration adds a personal touch to the wedding. Most of the frames I purchased were under $2.00!

Mason Jars- Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds

Mason Jars- If country, outdoors or western is the look you are going for then mason jars are a very popular decoration. However, Mason jars can be expensive! I purchased a case of 12-1 liter size mason jars (perfect for a vase) for $5 dollars at a garage sale! I have also seen a case of 12- pint size jars for $4-$5 dollars for each case (perfect for serving drinks). Mason jars have a good resale value too!  You can also save them for future DIY projects.

Everythingkaysi Garage Sale FindsChalk boards- Another very popular wedding décor item are chalk boards! You can use them anywhere in the wedding! You can purchase signs really cheap at garage sales! I found a few simple boards and framed them.  My favorite was a Menu chalkboard for the buffet table. Some of my favorite uses are:

Garage Sale FindsGarage Sale FindsLanterns- If you don’t mind the lanterns not matching, then get lanterns at a garage sale. It is a way to save a lot of money! Lanterns brand-new are not cheap so the cheapest alternative is finding them at consignment stores or garage sale. I lined the sidewalk outside with lanterns and it turned out really cute! Most lanterns you could paint all the same color and just have different styles!

Top 10 best garage sale finds- lanternsBest garage sale buys- LanternsCandle Holders/Candle Stands- I got a set of 3 candle stands for $5 dollars at a consignment store! The price tag on the bottom of the stand said $9 for each! I used the set of 3 stands on the fireplace in the reception area and it turned out great!

Bird cage or suitcase- I have seen bird cages and suitcases on card/gift tables as décor or to use as a card holder. Super cute idea, but not so cheap to buy at the store.

Garage Sale FindsEverythingkaysi Top 10 Garage Sale Finds When Planning a WeddingMaterial/fabric- If you plan on having a DIY photo booth, then you will also need a backdrop for the booth. You need a lot of material to cover the area and to make sure it’s tall enough. Material prices can vary depending on the type of fabric and the print selected. I have seen on Pinterest where people use a lot of different types of fabric and tie it or stream it together, which would require a variety of different kinds of fabric. I see a lot of fabric at estate sales that people will sell in a bundles.

Photo Back Drop-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsPhoto Back Drop-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds


Props- Once again, if you are having a photo booth you want to get props. Crazy sunglasses, boas, weird hats, and bulky necklaces are my favorite props that I got from a garage sale.

I listed my 10 favorite things to get at a garage sale, estate sale or consignment shop. You will want to save money when you can, and I know this can help you. It’s a great place to start! Thank you visiting EverythingKaysi. Please share this post on Facebook or Pinterest!

Quick and Easy Way to Find Vendors Using Thumbtack

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I just recently got married on October 2, which is one of the busiest wedding months in Texas. The 2nd was on a Friday, and getting married on a weekday ended up being beneficial when booking my vendors. With October being the busiest month, a lot of the vendors I wanted were already booked up on Saturdays, so I decided to get married on Friday instead.

I found all of my vendors in 13 days and I feel like I got the best deals for their services because I compared prices. The most useful website I used for my vendor search was called Thumbtack. It allowed me to compare quotes from different people so I could get the best deal for my services. It is a servicing site that will quickly deliver customized quotes so you can compare pricing, read reviews, and hire the right professional on the spot. For example, I needed a DJ that played both country and pop music. On the Thumbtack website, I filled out the short questionnaire about the service I wanted, where the event would take place, and within 24 hours I had 5 quotes from various DJs in my area that were available on the date and time I needed. I then got to ask questions to all of the potential DJ professionals before I made my selection. I even hired them straight off of the site. It was so easy! I used Thumbtack for my caterer, DJ, bakery and florist. I highly recommend using this website because I got to compare all of the prices at one site and it kept me from having to make so many phone calls. Thanks to Thumbtack, this is how I got all of my vendors booked in 13 days from the day I got engaged!

You can head over to https://www.thumbtack.com/how-it-works to get more information about Thumbtack or download the App on your smartphone!

This is an example of How To Find Vendors Using Thumbtack. In this example, I want to find a wedding DJ to hire for my wedding.

Step one: Go to www.thumbtack.com or open up the Thumbtack app and enter the vendor you are wanting to hire, into the “What service do you need?” section and enter the Zip Code of where the event will take place.

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step Two: Select the service that fits best for your event.

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 3: Select the number of guest you will expect at your event.

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 4: Select the type of music you want played at your event. If you are looking for a bakery or a caterer, this section will ask you “Plated Meals, Buffet, Family-Style or Food-Station” and “Cake, Cupcakes to Both.”

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 5: Select if the event will be indoors or outdoors.

Step 6: Then select what type of equipment the DJ will need to provide.  For a caterer this section asked, “What type of staffing do you need?”. So the questions are geared towards the service you are hiring.

Step 7: Select the budget you are willing to spend on the vendor. I learned that it is best to select a cheaper amount than you want to spend. The quotes I received usually went up after adding things like lights, microphones, rehearsal attendance etc…

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 8: Provide the date, time and hours needed of the event.

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 9: Next you can add any comments you want the potential vendors to know. This step is optional, but I recommend telling the vendor what you want/expect from them. The more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. For example, if you want lights, rehearsal attendance or specific equipment, it is best to tell the vendors ahead of time so they can add that to your original quote.

Finding Vendors

Finding Vendors

Step 10: SUBMIT! In the next 24 hours you will get quotes from potential vendors. You can chat, hire/not hire and leave reviews on the Thumbtack website and App. I got 5 potential quotes in my first 24 hours and the best part, the vendors did not receive my contact information until I hired them. So, the vendors you did not hire won’t have your information.

Thumbtack helped me with my wedding planning and I hope it can help you as well! Thank you for visiting EverythingKaysi!

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Use Thumbtack to Find Vendors for your party or wedding


Hi Everyone, I am so excited to finally get started. I’ve wanted to become a blogger for a while now but never had the nerve to take the plunge! But let’s give it a try! So I recently got married to my best friend, Kyle, and planning my wedding was the most fun project I’ve ever done. I only gave myself 3 and a half months to plan and I was on a budget. I didn’t have a small budget but no matter what your budget is, we all want to save money and cut costs where we can.  I researched all my wedding decorations, vendors, caterers, tablecloths etc.. to make sure I was getting the best deals. I want to write this blog on ways to cut costs on your wedding day because I find that is a challenge for most people. Setting a budget and sticking to it is not always easy, but I came in $400 under budget! So let me walk you through my experience in cutting costs and the research that backs up my points! Here are my favorite 8 ways to cut costs on your wedding.

  1. Planning a wedding on a budget? These are way to cut cost on your wedding. #weddingbudget, #cuttingcost

    Planning a wedding on a budget? These are a few ways to cut costs on your wedding

    1. Do not RENT everything from vendors! In my experience, vendors that will “do it all” charge so much for a simple tablecloth or centerpiece idea. They will do it all but for a couple of pretty pennies. For example, I wanted to rent 12 solid grey tablecloths and 12 red runners. I was quoted $25 for each tablecloth and $10 for each runner!! That didn’t includee delivery and clean up fees that brought my total to over $475. I thought there has to be a cheaper way, so I did some research and found a wholesale company called smartyhadaparty.com . They sell tablecloths for $6-15 each. I got a bundle pack of 12 for $120 and “delivered and cleaned up” myself! So I saved $355. The same lady quoted me $25 each for a very simple centerpiece design. I bought supplies and made my own centerpieces for half the price, and got to give them away as party favors at the end of the night to my grandmas! Another example I have is renting or having your caterer provide plates, cups and silverware. I was quoted $4 more per person for a plastic plate, silverware and a cup to be added on to my catering bill. I went to www.smartyhadaparty.com and ordered my own and spent $2 a person. With a guest list of 100 people, I saved $200 and had leftover supplies that I got to keep. I ended up selling the leftover packages and made more money. Do your research! See what a vendor quotes you and make it your goal to find it cheaper. Use websites like Amazon, Ebay, smartyhadaparty, Oriental Trading, Home Goods, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby.. or my favorite, GARAGE SALES!!!


2. Buffet is the cheapest way to serve your entire guest a full meal. I created a BBQ menu that I wanted to serve at my wedding and contacted multiple catering services for a quote. I wanted to compare a full service meal (your guests have a waiter come to their table) to a buffet style service. I got quotes from 6 companies, and 4 of the companies were DOUBLE the price to have a full service. The other 2 companies were 25%-35% more then buffet, and that fee was just to pay the waiters. I had a buffet style and I had no complaints from my guests. We called out table numbers so we didn’t have a long line at the buffet tables and it all went smoothly. My meal was $17 a person. For the same BBQ menu with a full service I got quoted $21.50-$35 per person. Multiply that by my 100 guests and I saved $450-$1800 by having a buffet style.

3. Buy your bridesmaid dresses at a department store instead of a bridal shop. I shopped online at various department stores (JCP, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s etc…) before selecting my bridesmaid dresses. I looked for the best deals and used coupons/reward systems before making my selection. Buying at the end of prom season or summer is when you will get the best deals! I wanted dresses that were red, simple but formal looking, and I found them for $30! Originally the dresses were $90! With 3 bridesmaids I saved $180 by researching sales, coupons and reward programs! When I went to a bridal shop they offered me 10% off the bridesmaids dresses if I bought my wedding dress there. The dresses were $150-180, so even with the 10% off, it wasn’t worth it. With 3 dresses, I saved between $360-$450 by using the department store over bridal shops.

4. Your wedding Gown!!! This was my favorite thing I shopped for and the one item that EVERYONE will comment on, so you want to make sure it’s exactly what you want without breaking the bank. My advice is to call the bridal shops before you make an appointment and tell them your dress budget. Ask how many dresses they have that are under your budget and if they have any “off the rack” dresses that are available. Off the rack meaning the dress designer discontinued them but the store still has them available! The best thing about doing it this way, you get to take the dress with you the same day!! It’s best to know what style of dress you want before you call so you can find out how many dresses they have that are your style and in your price range. Some shops will not respect your budget, will put you in your dream dress and it will ruin your budget. I called 5 shops before making my appointment and it worked out for me. They knew ahead of time that I was not willing to go over budget and to not put me in dresses out of my range. I found a dress that was originally $1100 but I paid $400! It was an “off the rack” sale.

5. Videographer and Photographers photo copyrights! When you select a photographer or a videographer for your wedding, make sure they give you the rights to your photos. Meaning, you can have the digital prints to your photos so you can print the photos yourself. That way you can use Snapfish, Shutterfly, Costco, Walmart etc.., instead of paying the photographer to print your photos. In the end, it will save you so much money. Both of my photographers and videographers allowed me to print the photos on my own. You can print and pay as you go at your convenience, instead of having a big expense all at once.

6 .Dollar store DIY projects are my favorite kind of projects!! People are surprised by how many supplies Dollar Tree actually has. You should check it out before you head to a crafting store. A few of my favorite supplies are the variety of silk flowers, flower arrangement supplies, the different size vases and white candles. I made my own centerpieces out of Dollar Tree supplies! It was the cheapest way I found to make the centerpieces exactly the way I wanted. Head over to “How to Make Flower Centerpieces” and I will show you step by step on how to make them. Another Dollar Tree decoration I used was in the chapel. I lined the aisle with 2 vases next to each pew. The shorter vases were filled with water and had a floating candle. The taller vases had a white candle sitting in it. It was very simple but added a special touch to the room!

7. Get married on a weekday! Most venues are more expensive on a Saturday and Sunday! I got married on a Friday evening and it was $1500 cheaper than a Saturday.

8. If you see something you like on Pinterest or in a wedding magazine, try to make it yourself before you buy it. Etsy is a fun place to shop, but most of the time it is cheaper to buy your own supplies and make it yourself. It’s fun to show your guests the things you made! Pinterest has tutorials on how to make almost anything, so just research it first.

I hope this article can help you cut costs on your big day!! These are just a few examples of what I did when planning. Let me me know what you think. 🙂 Thank you for visiting!! Don’t forget to share this on Pinterest!


Where To Start When Planning A Wedding

Where to Start When Planning A Wedding

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Where To Start When Planning A Wedding

The question I get asked the most by newly engaged brides is, “Where do I begin planning for my wedding?” Wedding planning can be very overwhelming when you do not know where to start the journey, especially when Pinterest and bridal magazines have so many great ideas for everything!! I wasn’t sure where to begin either, but I had only allowed myself 3 and a half months to plan so I just jumped right into it. I looked up “wedding master list” and “wedding planning list” on Pinterest and started making my own. This is the guide and order I used for myself, and I hope it can help you in some way.

  1. Pick a month and year- First you need to get a ballpark of when you want to get married. The date will be vendors’ first question. It will help to know this information before you start contacting venues and vendors.
  2. Weekday vs Weekend- Most brides want to have a Saturday or Sunday wedding. It is more popular then a weekday wedding, but it is more expensive that way! Getting married on a Friday will save you money and allow more money to go toward other things.
  3. Budget- You need to formulate a budget and stick to it! When I was figuring out my budget, I gave a list of the Groom’s responsibilities to his parents and let them decide how much they would like to spend. I then added up all the money and that was my budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low, it is still important to stick to a budget!
  4. Location- Pick a town you and your fiancé want to get married in so you can start your research. It might be a good idea to get requests and input from family members.
  5. Chapel, church, outdoors, beach, or barn- The type of wedding you want to have is a discussion to have with your fiancé and will makes the research easier. Also, do you want the reception to be at the same location? Inside or outside?
  6. Venue- Now that you have a day, locations, type and budget in mind, you can start researching venues!! I started looking online at venues at the location and the type of venue I wanted to get married. “Barn wedding in Weatherford TX”, “Chapels in Dallas TX”, “Baptist Church in Ft. Worth”. I made a list of all the possible places and went to each website to look at pictures. Try to envision yourself getting married there. Next, I went to reviewing websites to see what over couples said. If you are still interested, then its time to call! (Try to call Monday- Thursday most venues are busy on the weekends and you will get a voicemail). Ask the venue if they are available the month and year you selected and ask them if they have a price sheet they can email you. Do this for all the venues you are interested in. Once you find venues that are available and are in budget, make an appointment to tour the place.
  7. Selecting the date- Now that you have toured venues, its time to choose one! The venue will tell you the available dates, and pick the one that fits best for you and your fiancé.
  8. Wedding dress- Depending on how much time you have until your wedding will depend on when you get your dress. For me, I had 3 and half months so my dress was picked out early on! If you have 6 months or longer, you may want to move this until after picking your vendors. Wedding dress shopping can take a few weekends before finding the right dress. If you pick a sample dress, it can take a few weeks to a month for your dress to come in. It can take an additional 4-10 weeks to get your dress altered, so give yourself plenty of time for your dress! If you ask the bridal shops for “off the rack” dress, you will be able to take the dress with you that day! That will save you a few weeks to a month.
  9. Wedding activities- Dancing, photo booth, advice cards, hay ride, alcohol, dinner, kids table, send off, photographer, videographer etc… There are so many decisions to make about what you want to do at your wedding! It’s up to the 2 of you, so make a list of ideas!
  10. Vendors- Now that you have your date, venue and activities, it’s time to start planning vendors! You need to plan for all the activities that you want. Caterer, baker, bartender, chair/table rentals, DJ, photographer, videographer, photo booth, wedding planner, officiant etc.. Start with the ones you want the most, and leave the “extra” for the end to make sure you are still within budget. I waited until the end for a wedding coordinator, videographer and photo booth. Vendors can take a few weeks to book so do it early! You will want to research vendors for location, price, and reviews! Reviews are huge when finding vendors! Read multiple reviews and make sure they are “likeable” before making your decision! I used the website thumbtack.com to help me find vendors. Head over to my Vendor blog for more information.
  11. Pick your colors- This is a very important decision that only you and your fiancé can make together. My husband and I decided on red and grey because those are our favorite colors. Then I researched red and grey weddings on Pinterest to see if I liked it before finalizing it as ourcolors.
  12. Pick your wedding party!- Once again, this is a decision that you and your fiancé need to make together. If you are on a tight budget, consider having a smaller wedding party. Each member will cost you extra money, so keep that in mind. Don’t forget to consider having flower girls and ring bearers in your wedding party.
  13. Wedding party and Grooms attire- Now that you have the wedding dress picked out and the color theme selected, it is time to get bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxedos! Men’s Warehouse was great for us!
  14. Engagement photo session, Save the dates and Invitations- When selecting a photographer, ask them if engagement photos are included. I used the photos from my engagement session for my wedding invitations and for decoration on my tables during the reception. I decided Save-The-Dates were not necessary for my wedding because I was getting married quick. I designed my invitations on vistaprint.com and they turned out better then I had expected! Save the dates will be sent out one year to 3 months before the wedding and invitations will be sent 6-8 weeks before the event.
  15. Decorations- Now that you have your venue and vendors, you will have used up most of your budget. But that’s ok, because decorations wont cost as much! I started by making different Pinterest boards for centerpieces, archways, signs, cake table, table number, aisle..ect and I started to envision what the wedding would be like with certain decorations.

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Bride and Groom Glasses! Planning a wedding guide

Where to Start When Planning A Wedding. #weddingplanning, #chapel, #weddingguide, #Wedding

Where to Start When Planning A Wedding

This is the order I used to plan my wedding. I wrote this post as a guide for you to start your own plan. Some people start with a wedding planner and have them do all the work. I did not want a planner and I wanted to do everything, so I only needed a day coordinator and I hired her 3 weeks before my wedding. We met with her 2 times in those 3 weeks, so she could get my visions for the wedding. The most important thing to remember when planning your wedding, is to have FUN!
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