4 Cheese Steak Alfredo

4 Cheese Steak Alfredo

4 Cheese Steak Alfredo

I don’t like to brag, but my pasta tonight was on point! You can’t go wrong with pasta, steak and cheesy sauce! Let me walk you through how I made it!


1.1 pound-Beef sirloin steak from Albertson that was already seasoned- you can buy regular sirloin and season it yourself. I recommend using salt, pepper and garlic salt.

2.1 box- Rigatoni pasta

3.1 jar-Bertolli 4 cheese Alfredo sauce

4.2 TBSP-olive oil or vegetable oi

I start by turning on my cast iron skillet to make sure it’s nice and hot before I put my steak on. I also put water in my pot to start boiling. I then cut the steak into one-inch squares with my kitchen scissors.



I then put the sauce in the skillet. I turn the sauce on low heat. Once the water is boiling, I put the pasta in. Next, I put a small about of olive oil in the cast iron skillet and my steaks are ready to be placed. I cook each side for only 3 minutes; so make sure you set a timer! (add more time if you don’t want it pink in the middle).


Once your steaks are done, put them in the sauce to simmer while the pasta gets done cooking.


Next drain the pasta and add the sauce and the steak to it!


I like to add Parmesan or mozzarella cheese on top! My husband adds pepper flakes for spice. Add for your liking.

4 Cheese Steak Alfredo, Simple Pasta Recipe

4 Cheese Steak Alfredo

Seem easy, huh! Mine turned out great! Let me know if you liked it in the comments below! Thank you for checking out my blog! Make sure to share this recipe on your pinterest page!