Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds For Your Wedding

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Every bride probably has a favorite store for buying wedding decorations like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Oriental Trading, Michael’s, etc… I like all of those stores as well, but my favorite place to buy wedding décor is from garage sales, estate sales and consignment shops! You can find nice products for a fraction of the price. About half of my wedding decorations came from a garage sale, which allowed me to spend more money on other areas of the budget. You can find garage sales and estate sales in your local newspaper under the classified section or on local garage sale websites. A few of my favorite online sites are,, Here are my top 10 favorite garage sale finds for wedding decor:

Vases- Most of the sales I attended would sale vases $0.25 to $3.00 for each vase. I didn’t care if the vases matched for my wedding because they were featured on different tables. Tip: One thing I learned from my day coordinator was to buy small vases! The larger vases will require a lot more flowers to make them look full, which will increase the amount of flowers needed and increase your flower budget.

Vases-Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsVases-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsVases/mason jar-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds

Candles- Try to find a basic color candle that hasn’t been lit yet! I chose to use off-white candles for my chapel décor and red candles for the reception. I was on the lookout for candles at garage sales because they were a lot cheaper than in stores. I noticed that people will buy a large pack of candles and only use one or 2 and try to sell the package.. those are the best deals to find because they will match!

Picture Frames- I bought all of the picture frames from garage sales! I used a solid black 4×6 picture on every table in the reception area and various 8×10 frames to display my bridal photos and engagement photos. Having pictures as decoration adds a personal touch to the wedding. Most of the frames I purchased were under $2.00!

Mason Jars- Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds

Mason Jars- If country, outdoors or western is the look you are going for then mason jars are a very popular decoration. However, Mason jars can be expensive! I purchased a case of 12-1 liter size mason jars (perfect for a vase) for $5 dollars at a garage sale! I have also seen a case of 12- pint size jars for $4-$5 dollars for each case (perfect for serving drinks). Mason jars have a good resale value too!  You can also save them for future DIY projects.

Everythingkaysi Garage Sale FindsChalk boards- Another very popular wedding décor item are chalk boards! You can use them anywhere in the wedding! You can purchase signs really cheap at garage sales! I found a few simple boards and framed them.  My favorite was a Menu chalkboard for the buffet table. Some of my favorite uses are:

Garage Sale FindsGarage Sale FindsLanterns- If you don’t mind the lanterns not matching, then get lanterns at a garage sale. It is a way to save a lot of money! Lanterns brand-new are not cheap so the cheapest alternative is finding them at consignment stores or garage sale. I lined the sidewalk outside with lanterns and it turned out really cute! Most lanterns you could paint all the same color and just have different styles!

Top 10 best garage sale finds- lanternsBest garage sale buys- LanternsCandle Holders/Candle Stands- I got a set of 3 candle stands for $5 dollars at a consignment store! The price tag on the bottom of the stand said $9 for each! I used the set of 3 stands on the fireplace in the reception area and it turned out great!

Bird cage or suitcase- I have seen bird cages and suitcases on card/gift tables as décor or to use as a card holder. Super cute idea, but not so cheap to buy at the store.

Garage Sale FindsEverythingkaysi Top 10 Garage Sale Finds When Planning a WeddingMaterial/fabric- If you plan on having a DIY photo booth, then you will also need a backdrop for the booth. You need a lot of material to cover the area and to make sure it’s tall enough. Material prices can vary depending on the type of fabric and the print selected. I have seen on Pinterest where people use a lot of different types of fabric and tie it or stream it together, which would require a variety of different kinds of fabric. I see a lot of fabric at estate sales that people will sell in a bundles.

Photo Back Drop-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale FindsPhoto Back Drop-Everythingkaysi's Top 10 best Garage Sale Finds


Props- Once again, if you are having a photo booth you want to get props. Crazy sunglasses, boas, weird hats, and bulky necklaces are my favorite props that I got from a garage sale.

I listed my 10 favorite things to get at a garage sale, estate sale or consignment shop. You will want to save money when you can, and I know this can help you. It’s a great place to start! Thank you visiting EverythingKaysi. Please share this post on Facebook or Pinterest!