EverythingKaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project

EverythingKaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project!!!

Hey Everyone! Another way I like to make the most of my money is by using a project for multiple uses. My recent 3-in-1 wedding project purchase were tablecloths, and I didn’t even use it for a table! As you know by now, I recently got married and like to stretch my dollar as much as possible. I wanted an archway for my ceremony and a photo booth backdrop for the reception area, but after pricing the materials I thought it might be too expensive. I looked at Pinterest for some ideas, and found that using PVC pipe to build the frame for the archway would be the best and most cost effective way. Then I priced curtains, material and tablecloths to figure out what I wanted to use. Curtains and material were way too expensive for the amount of material I needed. The tablecloths I purchased were only $12 each! I only needed 2, so the 3-1 project only cost me $24! Score! My mom sewed the top of the tablecloth to allow it to hang on the PVC pipe! I now had my archway curtains.


Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

After the ceremony, we took the same set up to the reception and used it as my photo booth backdrop!

Everythingkaysi's 3-in-1 Wedding Project

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project







My 3rd use for the tablecloths are for curtains in my living room! If everyone is like me, your favorite color to decorate with is the same color you picked for your wedding, so it all worked out! The tablecloths I selected are very thick material and block the sun just like back out curtains.

Living room curtains

Everythingkaysi’s 3-in-1 Wedding Project  – living room curtains


EverythingKaysi's 3-in-1 project

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